About Legato


le·ga·to | li-ˈgä-(ˌ)tō | adverb or adjective

Italian for "tied together"; indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. 

This is what we do. Connection is our craft.

Legato Productions is a Seattle-based live music and DJ company spearheaded by Rob Gregerson. Our goals are simple: inspire trust through top-notch service and create an extraordinary experience for you and your guests. We specialize in creative music curation with a down-to-earth approach - no sparkly vests or bad joke telling on the mic. The musical soundtrack for your event is uniquely crafted to to respond to the energy of the moment.

My calling as a musician is to bring people together in celebration of life, love, and connection. I can think of no greater gift.
— Rob Gregerson

Meet rob:

"Music is the language and heartbeat of my life. I was raised in a long line of "fiddlers, pickers, and ivory ticklers" and before I knew how to mutter a word, I was exposed to the conversation of instruments in harmony and rhythm."


For years Rob had the great fortune of leading many different types of bands - everything from rock, folk, and funk to bluegrass, jazz, and electronica. Along the way, Rob had opportunities to play solo shows experimenting with an electronic technique called sampling or "looping" where he records his guitar using electronics in front of an audience, plays it back in real time, and creates layers upon layers of sound. 

Rob has also translated his expertise as a musician into the art of DJ'ing. He looks at the turntable as an instrument and his playlists as lyrics. Whether he is spinning cinematic soundtracks, house music, jazz lounge beats, or top 40 hits, he treats every set with the intention of inspiring his audience.

"I love what I do not only because of the music, but because I get to participate in events that carry significant meaning for our clients. I add value at a significant moment - helping create a positive experience for important occasions - and I can't think of a more rewarding gig.

My goal is to make sure your event feels like you. I would be thrilled to create the musical backdrop for your special occasion." Send me a message.